Memory Workshop



Title of the Workshop: Memory Boosting Workshop
Total Duration:1 or 2 Days (Total 4 Sessions of 1.5 hours each)

Learning Outcomes:

After the workshop, each participant will get a certificate. Memory sessions will be conducted by the holder of five Guinness World Records. After completing the memory boosting workshop, the participant will have all the tools to be able to remember:

1. Speeches, sales talks, articles, etc.
2. Shopping lists.
3. All the errands and appointments of the day.
4. Long digit numbers.
5. Telephone numbers.
6. Items’ or products’ style numbers.
7. Recipes.
8. Directions.
9. Formulas and Equations.
10. Jokes & Anecdotes.
11. Names and faces.
12. Foreign Languages.
13. English Vocabulary.
14. Figures & Facts.
15. Important Dates.
16. And much more

Workshops Contents

Module 1: Demo of photographic memory, human calculation shows by beating the calculator, mind stimulating games, intellectual entertainment, and briefing of the course/workshop.

Module 2: Tie-up method of memory to connect and associate any two concepts or pieces of information, explanation, demonstration, and exercises.

Module 3: Hook words method of memory to remember numbers of any kind, explanation, demonstration, and exercises.

Module 4: Alternative words & phrases method of memory to remember names and faces, foreign language, hard English vocabulary, explanation, demonstration, and exercises.


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