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Steps To Achieve A Guinness World Record:

Choose A Category: If you invent your own category, Guinness probably won’t accept the record. They have only a certain amount of space, and if a new record goes in, another on has to come out. So, we help you choose a category that suits you and more importantly will be accepted by Guinness World Records.

Find Out Current Record: Records printed in the Guinness book may not be the very latest ones. Records are broken all the time, and claims come in after the book is published. We make sure to have the current news on the day you try to break the record.

Plan Ahead: We prepare you as much as possibly can. Think of everything that can go wrong. We don’t take a chance.

Expect The Unexpected: Because things can never be planned perfectly, something will go wrong. When it does, you can’t think, and following sentences are not an option: “Well, this isn’t going to work. I didn’t expect this to happen, so I’ll have to stop and try again sometime.” We train you to have a mind-set of not giving up if things don’t go your way.

Make Things Easier On Yourself: With proper guidance and right amount of practice, you get comfortable with breaking the current record even in your sleep. Just kidding! We mean to say it becomes your second nature and the record attempt day becomes like any other practice day for you. You get the Guinness world record certificate before you know it. That being said, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to work hard for 3 months. So, be ready to put your efforts, your reward is waiting for you.

Provide All The Proof Guinness Requires: Guinness can’t send editors all over the world to verify it when people set new records, so you have to prove it to them. You don’t have to worry about that. We give you full package by conducting the event and providing judges, timekeepers, cover letter, judges’ statements, timekeepers’ statements, photographic evidence, video evidence, photos and documents of the concerned people, any media coverage, and/or whatever else is required by Guinness is any specific record category. You just break the record, we take care of the rest. Deal!!!

About Our Guinness Trainer

The holder of multiple Guinness titles, Abdul Basit is unique in the field of world records. No else in Pakistan has set more Guinness records in different education and memory categories – from identifying elements of the periodic table to Swype texting to texting in Spanish.

You’ll feel a real sense of accomplishment if you set a Guinness world record in anything, and seeing your name in the Guinness book of world records is fun.

“I am nearly 50 years old, but I consider myself a big kid, and my records (as well as the records I train for), are almost all for students, periodic table elements, Swype texting in English, texting in Spanish, identifying international universities by their logos, solving Mathematical puzzles like tower of Hanoi, and that sort of things. I’ve learned a few tricks for setting world records, and with proper training (we do it in 3 months), I hope I can help you get into the Guinness book too.”


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