Abacus Online Course (Basic) (One Time Payment Rs 3,000)


You will be added to our closed Facebook course group where you’ll watch video lessons, then do practice exercises that we’ll provide you as PDF files.



You want to beat the calculator in its own game? If yes, then you got to learn Abacus. What is this device anyway? This device is maybe simple looking but it can be operated with greater speed and efficiency than even the calculators.


After learning the methods and right amount of practice, this device becomes your mental device. And now you can do your calculations mentally. How’s that?


Some of its benefits are: It improves




Listening Skills





Self Confidence

And much more


I am Abdul Basit Siddiqi, I am a memory and mental calculations trainer, and I hold multiple Guinness World Records. I am going to teach you how to operate Abacus with great ease.


New video will be uploaded every Saturday starting from 1st August 2020. On weekdays, you’ll do practice given to you as PDF files. Duration of the course is 35 to 40 weeks.



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